The 4th Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference and Doctoral Workshop were held in Sydney, on 1-2 December 2014 under the topic “Reflection on Ethics”.

Supported by the University of Sydney Business School and the Business & Professional Ethics Group


Bringing academics, critics and practitioners together to discuss and debate the nature, intent, effects and futures of business ethics in Australasia and beyond, the ABEN conference is a key forum in the region for reflective, engaged and philosophical work in the area.

The location for the 2014 conference was the University of Sydney Business School CBD campus. Once again, the conference was linked with publication opportunities in business ethics journals (The Journal of Business Ethics Education – and Philosophy of Management, the leading interdisciplinary journal with a focus on applied philosophy in management).  Like the wider network from which it originates, the ABEN conference is inclusive – welcoming submissions that explore business ethics from a range of  theoretical, empirical and practical positions and perspectives.

Ethics is,  importantly, a reflective process. The 2013 ABEN conference, “Managing Ethics on The Edge”, considered some of the ignored areas of ethics research in management. Building on previous success, the theme of the 2014 conference has been ‘Reflection on Ethics’.  This theme does not suggest reflecting on the past but considering the role academia plays in the research, dissemination and teaching of ethics.

Considering the interdisciplinary nature of ABEN, papers considering all facets of business ethics and social responsibility research have been welcomed. The broad conference streams were:

  • Business Ethics in the Region
  • Business Ethics Education
  • UN Global Compact & Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • Ethics and the Employee
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Business Ethics and Human Rights
  • The Problems of (Business) Ethics
  • Ethics in Accounting

For example, topics such as Australasian business practice and education, the place of the employee, the questions of sustainability and of responsible accounting, as well as the place of human rights in the workplace, were encouraged.

Doctoral Workshop

In 2014, ABEN held the first dedicated workshop for PhD students. In this session PhD participants were given the opportunity to meet with senior scholars, discuss their research and ask questions related to issues beyond their dissertation (such as managing the supervisory relationship, how to find and work with co-authors, understanding reviewing and publishing processes). The workshop has also provided the students with an opportunity to meet with other students undertaking research in the field of Business Ethics.

Thanks to Michelle Greenwood for coordinating the Doctoral workshop.

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