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Ainsworth, Susan

Susan is an Associate Professor in Organizational Studies at the University of Melbourne. She is an internationally recognized expert in discourse analysis, qualitative methods, older workers and [...]

Alakavuklar, Ozan Nadir

As an organisational scholar, I draw arguments and theory from a wide range of critical social science traditions, which aim to challenge the dominant assumptions in the field of management and [...]

Anesa, Mattia

Mattia Anesa is PhD candidate in management and strategy as well as research assistant at the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School. Previously, he held a position as Business Ethics [...]

Asher, Anthony

Anthony Asher is an Associate Professor for the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies in the Australian School of Business at UNSW. Country: Australia City: Sydney State: NSW Institution: School [...]

Ayesha Arshad

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Business Futures and Leadership at Waikato Management School, University of Waikato. My research area is Dysfunctional Leadership especially Abusive Supervision. [...]

Banerjee, Bobby

Bobby Banerjee joined Cass Business School in January 2013. Prior to joining Cass Bobby was Associate Dean (Research) at the College of Business, University of Western Sydney. He received his PhD [...]

Benkert, Julia

Dr Julia Benkert is an applied researcher and lecturer in Management at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. She teaches in CSR, business sustainability, and strategy. Her [...]

Betta, Michela

Areas of research and teaching: Phenomenology, Ethics, and Bioethics. Society, Organisation, and Management. Judgement, Policies, and Technology. Country: Australia City: Melbourne State: VIC [...]

Borhan, Bhuiyan

Borhan completed his Ph.D. from Lincoln University, New Zealand. His research interests include the ethical aspect of corporate governance, financial reporting quality, and auditing. Higher [...]

Buchanan, Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s research interests include: Ethics across the Curriculum; Research Ethics; Internet Research Ethics; Sustainability; and, Professional and Organizational Ethics. Country: United [...]

Butcher, Tim

Tim is Associate Professor of Organisation Studies. He researches how we adapt to precarious work & worklessness through entrepreneurial learning and community organising. Using visual [...]

Case, Peter

Peter’s teaching interests include: Leadership Studies and Leadership Development; and Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. His research interests include: Organisation Theory and [...]

Chan, Elsie

My research interests are accounting information systems, management accounting and accounting ethics. Country: Australia City: Melbourne State: Victoria Institution: ACU Email: Elsie.Chan@acu.edu.au

Charumathi, Balakrishnan

Short Bio A Full Professor of Accounting and Finance in the Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry, India, with 25 years of PG teaching and Research [...]

Chia, Austin

Austin has taught extensively in the disciplines of organisational, operations management, and general management. He has interdisciplinary research interests and his work is broadly concerned [...]

Choudhury Kaul, Sanjukta

Sanjukta has a PhD from Monash University Business School in the area of CSR and Disability at Workplace (2015). She was awarded full scholarship and school research grant. She is a recipient of [...]

Coghill, Ken

The Hon Dr Ken Coghill PhD is an Associate Professor, Department of Management, Monash University and a former Member of Parliament (Legislative Assembly, Victoria), including serving as [...]

Collins, Peter

Short Bio Director of Centre for Ethical Leadership and Director of Vincent Fairfax Fellowship. Specialist in teaching and in working with senior executives in Australia. Currently a D. Phil [...]

Costley, Carolyn

Carolyn Costley teaches Strategic Brand Management and postgraduate courses in Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behaviour. Her research is consumer oriented. It examines people’s perceptions of – [...]

Cundill, Gary

Short Bio Gary holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering, a BEng in Water Utilisation and an MPhil in Environmental Management. Gary has a background in; technical development, project and operations [...]

Dellaportas, Steven

Steven Dellaportas is a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Professor of Accounting in the School of Accounting, RMIT University. Steven is the lead author of Principles of Ethics and Corporate [...]

Diefenbach, Thomas

Thomas Diefenbach is Professor in Management at Charles Darwin University (CDU) Business School, Darwin, Australia. In his research he focuses on socio-philosophical and critical analysis of [...]

Diefenbach, Thomas

Short Bio I am an independent scholar, author, researcher, professor and management consultant. My focus is on participative, democratic, non-profit and civil society organisations, empowerment, [...]

Dodd, Tracey

Short Bio Dr Dodd is a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Adelaide (Australia) and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter (UK). She earned her PhD with UniSA in 2017 [...]

Erturk, Emre

Dr. Emre Erturk currently teaches degree and post-graduate papers in computing, including business information systems analysis and enterprise content management. Emre’s research focuses on cloud [...]

Fan, Ying Han

My research interests include audit independence, ethical decision-making, and ethics education Country: Australia City: Perth State: Western Australia Institution: Curtin Uni Email: [...]

Furneaux, Craig

Short Bio Dr Craig Furneaux is a Senior Lecturer at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, and is the Subject Area Coordinator for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, [...]

Gamage, Pandula

Pandula’s research interests cover in the areas of professional ethics, anti-corruption and bribery issues as well as social and environmental reporting. Country: Australia City: Melbourne State: [...]

Golyagina, Alena

Short Bio Alena is a Lecturer in Accounting at RMIT University. Alena combines her interdisciplinary background in business and linguistics to transform the accounting discipline, profession and [...]

Gregory, Sarah

Sarah is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Organisation, Work & Technology at Lancaster University. She teaches modules on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, and [...]

Grosser, Kate

Dr Kate Grosser is a lecturer for the Department of Management at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Her areas of interest include Corporate Social Responsibility, Gendered Organisation Studies [...]

Gupta, Manish

Manish is a PhD Candidate with ICFAI Business School in Hyderabad. His research looks at work engagement, drawing on concepts of positive psychology in the workplace. He teaches in Human Resource [...]

Haque, Mohammed Ziaul

Mohammed Ziaul Haque is a PhD student at Monash University in Melbourne. His areas of interest include Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Public Interest. For [...]

Harris, Howard

Howard’s interest is on the application of traditional virtues in contemporary management. In 2015 Howard has taught a large online Business and Society class for UniSA and OUA, and [...]

Holdaway, Marcelle

I have a background as a Social Accounting and Audit practitioner working with the NGO sector since 2001, and affiliated with Social Audit Network UK: http://www.socialauditnetwork.org.uk/. I am [...]

Ilott, Gerard Lawrence

Bio: Gerard wrote his PhD thesis using Foucault’s discursive formations as a basis for explaining IT governance. Since then he has educated undergraduate and postgraduate students of CQUniversity [...]

Irwin, Ruth

Ruth is currently writing on Heidegger, Deleuze and Guattari, climate change, political theory, globalisation, neoliberalism, ethics and science and technology. She is also writing on art, [...]

Jevons, Colin

Colin researches and teaches in brand management, with over 70 scholarly publications, an h-index of 14 and an i10-index of 16. Since 2009 he has published one A* and nine A articles on brand [...]

Jubin Jacob-John

Short Bio Jubin Jacob-John is a graduate researcher at La Trobe University. His research interest includes Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Digital marketing, and innovative approaches to [...]

Kaul, Sanjukta

Dr. Sanjukta Choudhury Kaul is a CSR & communication professional, and a Chevening Scholar with multicultural work experience in leadership positions with global corporates spanning over [...]

Kelly, Martin

Martin Kelly’s research interests have broadened from traditional accounting matters into areas such as: Corporate Governance; Stakeholder Management; Sustainable Development; International [...]

Ketola, Tarja

Tarja’s teaching and research interests include: Responsible Leadership Psychology and Organisational Psychology; Leadership and Organisational Ethics; Corporate Responsibility; Sustainable [...]

Latham, Claire

Prof. Latham teaches intermediate accounting, systems and audit. She incorporates a “learn by doing” pedagogy, building technical skills as well as developing a strong ethical foundation. Prof. [...]

Lazarevic, Violet

Research interests include retail, customer service, leadership, business to business relationships, branding and ethics. Interests: Interested in supervising students in business to business [...]

Lewis, Andrew

Full Name: Andrew Lewis Profile Photo: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=307770336&trk=hp-identity-name Country, State, City: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Institution: Monash Email [...]

Macklin, Rob

Dr Rob Macklin teaches Business Ethics in an MBA at the University of Tasmania. his research interests in the ethics area are: HRM and Ethics; Process Business Ethics; Cosmopolitan Ethics; and [...]

McDonald, Sharyn

Dr Sharyn McDonald is a lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Sharyn’s research focuses on social responsibility and issue management with a particular [...]

McLachlan, Andrea Jane

As well as being a full member of the New Zealand Law Society, Andrea is studying for her doctorate in the area of corporate governance. She teaches law to accounting students at several levels, [...]

Meinhold, Roman

Roman Meinhold, Asst. Prof. Philosophy; Dr. phil. Philosophy and MA in Philosophy, Sociology, Economics – University Mainz, Germany. Roman is teaching Business Ethics & Sustainability [...]

Meinhold, Roman

Roman Meinhold is an Associate Professor of Philosophy teaching Business Ethics and Sustainability at Mahidol University’s International College, Thailand. He obtained a Dr. phil. in Philosophy [...]

Miranda, Melville

Melville Miranda is currently studying the Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) till 2016. Propose to do Phd in law in 2017 on the Australian Constitution. Have a [...]

Mo, Shenjiang

Organizational behaviour, business ethics, corporate social responsibility Higher Degree Supervision interests Ethical leadership, corporate social responsibility. Country, State, City: China, [...]

Neesham, Cristina

Cristina is a social philosopher and business ethicist. Cristina’s research covers topics such as human needs in organizations, social value creation, non-profit organizations and social [...]

Neher, Alain

Short Bio Dr Alain Neher is a Course Director and Senior Lecturer at Charles Sturt University. He has over 25 years of work experience including senior leadership roles in private and public [...]

Neville, Ben

Ben lectures in corporate social responsibility, business ethics, marketing ethics, social entrepreneurship and global marketing. His research interests include: Corporate Social Responsibility [...]

Nicholls, Rob

Rob is a senior lecturer in the UNSW Business School having joined that faculty in September 2015 after post-doctoral studies at UNSW Law. He is a member of the Centre for Law, Markets and [...]

Nikolic, Brad

Research interest in Organisational Leadership. Higher Degree Supervision Interests: Yes Country, State, City: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Institution: RMIT University Staff Profile Link: Brad [...]

Ogunyemi, Kemi

Kemi Ogunyemi holds a degree in Law from University of Ibadan, Nigeria; an LLM from University of Strathclyde, UK; and MBA and PhD degrees from Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, [...]

Oslington, Paul

Research interests – Economics, Theology, Ethics, Intellectual History Country, State, City – Australia, NSW, Sydney Institution – Alphacrucis Email – [...]

Pekarek, Andi

Dr Andi Pekarek is a lecturer in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne, where he teaches HRM and Employment Relations. His research focuses on unions and [...]

Perera, Chamila

Short Bio Chamila Perera is a Lecturer in Marketing at Swinburne University of Technology. Passionate researcher in the areas of Consumer culture, Climate change related behaviour, [...]

Rabbi, Fazle

Short Bio Dr. Fazle Rabbi completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Finance from Western Sydney University, Australia. He also completed a Master of Commerce (Honours) degree from [...]

Rahim, Mia Mahmudur

Short Bio Associate Professor Mia Rahim teaches corporate laws in School of Law at the University of New England. His research interests include different forms of regulation and their role in [...]

Rhodes, Carl

Carl Rhodes is Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Macquarie University.His research concerns the meanings of ethics and responsibility in organizations and their implications for [...]

Roy, Achinto

Dr. Achinto Roy’s teaching interests are in Strategy, Ethics, International business and Accounting & Finance. His research interest are in the areas of corruption in business/ [...]

Salam, Abdul

Short Bio I am a Lecturer at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (on study leave), a PhD scholar and a sessional staff member at RMIT University. I carry more than 8 years of teaching [...]

Salignac, Fanny

Dr Salignac’s research and teaching aims to create positive social change for an improved social purpose system. Her research uses a complex systems perspective to investigate and address current [...]

Schonell, Stuart

I believe that truth and therefore knowledge is a matter of compromise and construction therefore as an educator I take students on a journey of understanding the nature of our compromised, [...]

Segon, Michael John

Michael Segon pioneered the teaching of business ethics at RMIT in 1990 with one of the first business ethics courses taught in a Business Faculty. A former MBA Director he designed the business [...]

Siddiqi, Lubna

I am currently in my third year PhD Research Candidate at UTAS, while at the same time have been a lecturer and unit coordinator here at UTAS. Country, State, City: Australia, Tasmania, Hobart [...]

Simpson, Dayna

Dayna’s research and teaching interests include: Sustainable Operations Management; Recycling and Remanufacturing; and, Sustainable Innovation. Country: Australia City: Melbourne State: VIC [...]

Snezhko, Svetlana

Compliance professional with extensive experience in implementing and developing compliance management systems, coordinating various compliance programs, promoting ethical culture and ethical [...]

Stent, Warwick

My interests have to do with ethics and sustainability/Integrated Reporting/Performance Reporting Country: New Zealand City: Auckland Institution: Massey Uni Email: W.J.Stent@massey.ac.nz

Stewart, Heather

Dr Heather Stewart is a Lecturer in the Department of International Business and Asian Studies, in the Griffith Business School and member of the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. Prior [...]

Trireksani, Terri

Short Bio Terri is Honours Chair in Business Program at Murdoch Business School, Murdoch University, Australia. Terri’s prior experience includes years of work in public accounting and [...]

Tsahuridu, Eva

Eva Tsahuridu is an ethics and policy expert who has been researching and teaching business and professional ethics for over two decades. Most recently she was an Industry Fellow and Associate [...]

Tweedie, Dale

Dale’s primary ethics research interest is in the ethics of workplace organisation, especially how people are employed and evaluated, and the values or principles that guide their actions. [...]

West, Andrew

I am interested in philosophical approaches to ethical issues in accounting. Particularly where these relate to how professional ethics is articulated, to the relationship between accounting, [...]

Wheeler, Melissa

Short Bio Dr Melissa Wheeler is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Marketing at Swinburne University of Technology and lectures in the areas of business ethics, foundations of [...]

Wilcox, Tracy

Tracy Wilcox is an Associate Professor in business ethics and management at UNSW Business School and the Academic Director for Postgraduate Programs. Tracy’s research explores how business [...]

Woersdoerfer, Manuel

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cluster of Excellence ‘The Formation of Normative Orders’/Goethe University Frankfurt Interests: Economic Ethics/Business Ethics: Sustainable Finance, (Political) [...]

Woersdoerfer, Manuel

Manuel is an instructor for the Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism at Texas Tech University. Country: USA City: Lubbock State: Texas Institution: Texas Tech University Research [...]

Wray-Bliss, Edward

Edward Wray-Bliss is an Associate Professor in Management at Macquarie University, Australia – having previously worked at a number of universities in Australia and the UK.  His research [...]

Wuersch, Lucia

Short Bio Lucia Wuersch is an academic at Charles Sturt University’s School of Communication and Creative Industries and School of Management and Marketing. Her research interests include but are [...]

Xiang, David

I am currently working on a project looking at whether the companies with more social responsibility will take the fancy of mutual fund managers. Country: Australia City: Perth State: Western [...]

Yallop, Anca C.

Short Bio Dr Anca C. Yallop is Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Business, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. She holds a PhD in [...]

Yallop, Anca Cristiana

Anca lectures in Marketing and Business Research Methods. Her research interests include ethics in marketing research, business and marketing ethics, trust in business relationships, and ethical [...]

Zaman, Rashid

Rashid Zaman is currently associated with the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University (ECU). His areas of research include corporate sustainability, corporate governance, and [...]

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