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I am an independent scholar, author, researcher, professor and management consultant. My focus is on participative, democratic, non-profit and civil society organisations, empowerment, participation, democratisation, citizenship behaviour, strengthening organisational democracy, economic democracy and civil society.
In my research, writings and consultancy I apply critical thinking, academic rigour and the principles and values of freedom, democracy, equality and justice.
For the past 20+ years I held Research Fellow, Lecturer and Professor positions at various universities / business schools in various countries. I have published widely in academic journals (mainly in the areas of management and organisation studies) and various books such as ‘Managers and the dominance of managers’ (2009) and ‘Hierarchy and organisation’ (2013). In my latest book – ‘The democratic organisation’ (2020) – I have developed a systematic, comprehensive and consistent model of a (new) type of organisation that is very different from, and a true and viable alternative to, orthodox, hierarchical and bureaucratic organisations. My research and consultancy are based on, and reflected in that book.

Position – Independent Scholar, Writer, Researcher, Professor and Consultant Professor in Management

Institution – Pannasastra University of Cambodia – Siem Reap Siem Reap city Cambodia

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