ABEN aims to foster a supportive and inclusive community of emerging and established scholars that share a passion for critical inquiry into business ethics from a broad range of disciplines. The Annual ABEN Conference provides an international forum for showcasing recent work, for engaging in discussion with academics and practitioners, and networking in your special interest areas.

The ABEN 2020 Conference is planned to be held at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle, WA, from 7-9 December. However, we are aware that these chaotic times will have consequences that we cannot imagine. It is a matter of balancing the unknown whilst still preparing for what might be some very interesting times and conversations as we look forward to ABEN 2020 conference that has the apt theme:

Not Business as Usual: Ethics, Sustainability and Innovation

We have a wonderful network of people within ABEN and we aim for us to stay connected through these troubling times and leading up to the ABEN conference albeit this maybe in new ways.

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