ABEN brings together scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds who share a common interest in business ethics. Conversations and knowledge exchange surrounding a specific discipline or area of interest can be deepened within the ABEN Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The purpose of the ABEN SIGs is to build and strengthen communities of practice in the respective areas of interest. Currently we have ABEN Special Interest Groups in Accounting Ethics, Business Ethics Education, and Qualitative Research. The meetings of ABEN Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are organised by the respective convenors of each SIG. ABEN SIG meetings are predominantly virtual and can take place multiple times throughout the year, depending on each group’s preferences. Membership with the ABEN SIGs is free, and all you need to do to join a SIG is to let the respective coordinators know via email.

Current ABEN SIGs and their convenors

Accounting and Finance Ethics Special Interest Group
Conveners: Dr Clare Burns, Ass. Prof. Maria Krambia-Kapardis

Business Ethics Education Special Interest Group
Conveners: Dr Chamila Perrera

Qualitative Research Special Interest Group
Convener: Dr Heather Stewart and Associate Professor Harsh Suri

Up-coming Business Ethics Education SIG Meeting – 15 September 2022

In this SIG Meeting, educators and industry practitioners engage in a conversation to appraise moral issues in business and the role of higher education in business ethics education. The purpose of the panel discussion is to take a stock of critical and reflective thinking skills required in business ethics education to facilitate students to engage in conversations and take actions in resolving moral issues in business from variety of ethical positions.

The meeting details are:

Date: Thursday 15 September 2022 at 2.30 pm (AEST)

Zoom accesshttps://swinburne.zoom.us/j/83213353413?pwd=Nk9EVjFRTjJmM1Y5WDZZOVFvK0VTQT09  Password: 085859



Melissa Wheeler: Senior Lecturer, Management, Swinburne Business School of Business, Law & Entrepreneurship. An expert on moral psychology and applied ethics, including workplace diversity, moral voice behaviour, and ethical leadership.

Svetlana Snezhko: Head of Compliance Function, SITRONICS Group of Companies, Moscow, Russia. Compliance professional with extensive experience in implementing and building a compliance system including in the field of anti-corruption compliance.

Tim Breitbarth: Professor for Sustainable Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, CBS International Business School, Germany

Susanna Bevilacqua: Director, Moral Fairground Pty Ltd, Melbourne

The session is moderated by Chamila Perera, Convenor, SIG – Business Ethics Education

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