ABEN aims to foster a supportive and inclusive community of emerging and established scholars that share a passion for critical inquiry into business ethics from a broad range of disciplines. As the ABEN community has grown since its inception in 2010, so has the scope and variety of ABEN events.

The Annual ABEN Conference provides an international forum for showcasing recent work, for engaging in discussion with academics and practitioners, and networking in your special interest areas. The Annual ABEN Conference is also a great starting point for new ABEN members to connect with the ABEN community.

If you want to know more about this year’s ABEN Conference or want to visit the ABEN Conference Archive, please click the Conferences menu button on the left.

The Mid-Year Virtual Conversations started in 2020 to provide the ABEN community with a platform to connect during the Covid-19 pandemic and have a welcome addition to the ABEN events calendar. The ABEN virtual conversations are dedicated virtual exchanges where we explore the ethics, dilemmas, innovations, challenges, developments and implications of issues surrounding business ethics scholarship. Provocative and less formalised ideas beyond the traditional paper format are welcomed.

For more information on our Mid-Year Virtual Conversations, please follow the menu on the left.

The meetings of ABEN Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are organised by the respective coordinators of each SIG. ABEN SIG meetings are predominantly virtual and can take place multiple times throughout the year, depending on each group’s preferences.

The purpose of the ABEN SIGs is to build and strengthen communities of practice in the respective areas of interest. Currently we have ABEN Special Interest Groups in Accounting Ethics, Business Ethics Education, and Qualitative Research. Membership with the ABEN SIGs is free, and all you need to do to join a SIG is to let the respective coordinators know via email. To join a SIG and learn more about our SIG activities and events, please click the menu button on the left.

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