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The ABEN Ideas Hub was created to support the sharing of creative ideas and perspectives on business ethics, using a variety of mediums. ABEN welcomes thoughtful and civil submissions from anyone within our community.  If you would like to submit content, please click here.

What is the problem with the methods section ?

The SIG Qualitative Group had a lively discussion on March 18, 2024. The essential idea was not to compare qualitative and quantitative research rather , the focus was to examine […]

AI and Education: A thought experiement

Embedding Generative AI into Education is a emerging area for business ethicists. It asks fundamental questions about our perceptions of the interactions of people with evolving generative tech-centric systems. In […]

Webinar: Mara Bun Director of Australian Ethical Investment, Talking with ABEN on Sustainable Finance

Watch the following recording of Mara’s webinar, and join the discussion by adding a comment below.

The value of a controversial idea

Felicity Small Artists hold up a mirror to society and present controversial thoughts in both implicit and explicit ways. Moreover, society expects artists to be different in their expressions and […]

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